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Gold retreats from peak amid rising US dollar strength

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In a marked retreat from its recent surge, gold prices declined on Tuesday as the US dollar showed continued strength, tempering the momentum that had pushed the precious metal to a record high. On Monday, gold prices had soared to an all-time peak of $2,440.49 per ounce, spurred by a mix of bullish factors.

Gold retreats from peak amid rising US dollar strength

These included heightened anticipation of a US interest rate cut and persistent geopolitical uncertainties, which typically drive investors towards safe-haven assets like gold. However, by early Tuesday, the price of spot gold had diminished by 0.6%, standing at $2,410.73 per ounce as of 0335 GMT, according to a report from Reuters.

The downturn was not isolated to gold alone. US gold futures also saw a downturn, recording a 1% fall to $2,414.00. Similarly, silver, which had achieved a significant milestone by reaching a more than 11-year high in the previous session, declined by 1.5% to $31.35 an ounce. Other precious metals echoed this downward trend, with platinum sliding 1.1% to $1,035.15 after hitting its highest point since May 12, 2023, on Monday. Meanwhile, palladium experienced a decline of 1.8%, falling to $1,008.91.

These movements in the precious metals market reflect the complex dynamics between macroeconomic indicators and commodity prices. The strength of the US dollar often inversely affects the price of commodities like gold, as a stronger dollar makes gold more expensive for holders of other currencies, thus dampening demand. This interplay is crucial in understanding the day-to-day volatility observed in the trading of precious metals.

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